We are delighted to announce that Farrells’ urban planning and architecture project, Chelsea Waterfront, has been named the Jury Winner in both the Urban & Masterplan category and the Architecture + Urban Transformation category of the Architizer A+ Awards! The project was also recognised as the Second Award by the Rethinking The Future (RTF) Awards!

These esteemed recognitions once again demonstrate Farrells’ leading capability in delivering projects that require comprehensive and contextually sensitive urban thinking, as well as flawless implementation.

Situated in a prominent spot on the North Bank of the Thames, Chelsea Waterfront is a unique redevelopment project that combines the revitalisation of a heritage site with the creation of new landmarks. It features both luxury residential and affordable housing, striking a balance in height and density. The masterplan focuses on permeability and connectivity as its core principles. Despite being a private residential project, it also opens up 600 metres of waterfront access for the public while driving the improvement of public facilities.

This award-winning work serves as an exemplar of high-quality design and urban planning making the best of limited land resources and regenerating the community in a sustainable manner.

Farrells is pleased to see that this significant development is being acclaimed by the architecture community around the world. As an international architecture practice founded in London, Farrells is committed to supporting our clients’ vision of redefining urban lifestyle that preserves its cultural characters while bringing diversity and vibrancy to the city.

The Architizer A+ Awards is one of the world’s largest and most democratic architectural awards. The awards celebrate the extraordinary work of designers in over 80 countries worldwide and honour the year’s best buildings and spaces.

Rethinking The Future Awards program aims to raise awareness around the strategies Architects and Designers are employing to deal with the contemporary global challenges, and to bring the best of such projects into the light to inspire the next generation.