FARRELLS Dialogue:
Urban Design & Place Making

Farrells recently completed the revamp of the Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) for Hong Kong – a document that is categorized into several overarching planning goals and urban design principles. The UDG was developed as a set of guidelines with the objective to facilitate and encourage good urban practice and building designs – taking into account Hong Kong’s distinctive topography, landscapes, climate, cultural and historical context, and urban forms.

Following the successful revamp of the UDG, Farrells was appointed to give a 9-course seminar and workshop series on Urban Design & Place Making to Hong Kong’s Planning Department throughout February and March. The series is led by Stefan Krummeck, Director of Farrells, with over 30 years of international master planning and architectural experience. Along with our invited international guest speakers, who are leading practitioners from around the world, we explore and discuss urban topical issues – how cities were developed historically, the core values of successful urban cities, and how that informs us in building our future cities.

In the seminars, we will have engaging dialogues with the Planning Department and discuss the fundamental qualities that contribute to Hong Kong’s unique cityscape. How do we continue to manifest and foster meaningful urban presence in Hong Kong? How do we embrace high-density urban models sustainably in Hong Kong whilst respecting our natural assets? Each city is unique and requires specific strategic directions to shape the built environment.

Farrells’ speakers include Stefan Krummeck, Benjamin Lau, Connie Wan, Franky Chan, and our invited international guest speakers include Eugene Dreyer, Kees Christiaanse, Martha Schwartz, Joel Chan, Steve Cheung, Steven Smit.


Photo Credit: Mak Pei