Farrells kicks off the Redevelopment of Kwai Chung Hospital (Phase 2)

Farrells have kicked off the redevelopment of the Kwai Chung Hospital (KCH) with site works commencing on 31st December 2019. The project lead by contractor Shui On was awarded via competitive tender and forms part of the multi-phase redevelopment of the Kwai Chung Hospital and Princess Margret Hospital sites.

The redevelopment process will improve the efficiency and capacity of KCH with a specific focus on improving the quality and setting within which the psychiatric care facilities can be provided.


Located on top of Lai King Hill, set back from noise and air pollution of busy streets with panoramic views of the Kwai Ching district, Kwai Chung Hospital has been providing psychiatric health service to the public since 1981. Redevelopment is necessary to keep up with modern clinical practice and to integrate new technology to maintain world class medical services for Hong Kong.

The new hospital will focus on the patient’s journey to recovery and ensure that each step is carefully planned, patient-centred and handled with sensitivity and compassion in respect to patient privacy and dignity. Meticulous considerations have been made in every aspect of the design, from the separation of various traffic flows – patient, visitor, staff, vehicular and service – to the carefully crafted interior village environment, creating a ‘home-away-from-home’.

The foundation of the design is rooted on two core ideas: The “Green Healing Village” and “Home”.

The Green Healing Village plays with the stacking and overlay of gardens, terraces, open space and vertical greening to create a living and breathing development that reaches out to the natural surroundings. A collection of multi-layered landscapes with extensive double-height ward gardens and daylight create a natural environment for patients that helps to aid rehabilitation and recovery, whilst simultaneously providing a place for staff and visitors to relax. Carefully crafted terraces and openings throughout the hospital create sightlines and connections to gardens, activities and communal areas affording a patient-centered environment that contributes to healing and re-integration into the community.

The setting also offers the comfort and warmth of the Home creating a familiar and relaxed environment conducive to the healing and recovery process. Attention to the human scale is made throughout to provide an intimate experience for the patient and visitors. Inpatient wards are designed with generous ward gardens, terraces, living rooms and dining rooms which form part of the architectural language that integrates interior design and space planning with the building envelope for a holistic design approach.

The redevelopment of Kwai Chung Hospital will set a new benchmark for Hong Kong’s healthcare design creating an advanced patient-orientated facility integrated with nature and the community to maximize patient comfort and recovery.

Felix Li, Director of Farrells and President of Hong Kong Institute of Architects

The project, designed to BEAM plus GOLD Hong Kong Green Building certification standards and developed with Building Information Modelling and management systems to optimize efficiencies, is due for completion in 2023.

This project is a team collaboration between Farrells, Shui On and consultants Aecom, Arup, Urbis, Richards Basmajian, PSI, BETA, HPI, HWSPB, Meinhardt, AEC.