Hangzhou Winland

The Mixed-use Project in Hangzhou is located in the core region of Changle Block in the south of Gongshu District near the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

The Project consists of 2 iconic office towers to the south creating a central axis for the masterplan, 5 retail villas, 2 retail blocks with facilities for the community and 6 residential towers. The podiums to the offices provide a backdrop to the central sunken courtyard, a focal point for the retail mall and an event space for music performance. Due to the proximity to the historic area with regenerated courtyard houses along Dadou Road and Xiangji Temple, the retail villas along the west are designed to be sympathetic to the low-rises on Lishui Road while the contemporary forms the add interests to the neighborhood.

The residential towers of cascading heights are arranged such that views and daylight are maximized. The residential podiums are also inter-connected to the retail villas to provide a pleasant sheltered walkway which encourage circulation and increase footfall.