Kowloon East Regional HQ

The Kowloon East Regional Police Headquarters and Operational Base-cum-Ngau Tau Kok Divisional Police Station (KERHQ) is under construction on the ex-Kai Tak Airport lands, which are being transformed into a mixed-use extension of urban Kowloon.

Built on the site of the former airport police base, the complex will serve as a modern command centre for police in fast-growing Kowloon East. It includes a public reporting room, offices, dining facilities, night duty accommodations, and a shooting range requiring a long span structure. The lower levels house car parking for hundreds of police vehicles, which is reflected in the building’s massing. An outdoor parade area is provided on the architectural setback above the car park.

The external appearance of the tower projects an image of robustness and longevity, in line with the history of the Hong Kong Police Force. The interior materials palette reflects the traditional values of the police force, including integrity, honesty, and strength, whilst retaining a contemporary sense of elegance and modernity.