Royal Mint Gardens – Interiors

Royal Mint Gardens combines visionary architecture and innovative engineering to create a vibrant mixed-use development in a diverse and heritage-rich context without diminishing the quality of protected views of the Tower of London. Reuniting and integrating communities severed by the railway, the street’s history as the Royal Mint of the early 19th Century is reflected in the palettes chosen.

An encapsulation built over the low-level DLR tracks will enable this significantly underutilised brownfield site to blossom as a development of 263 residential units. Quality landscaping and a new public piazza will open up previously inaccessible areas and breathe new life into the area.

Royal Mint Gardens is situated in The London Borough of Tower Hamlets close to Tower Gateway Station and The Tower of London. It is bordered by Royal Mint Street to the South, Chamber Street to the North and Mansell Street to the West.