Wuhan Nande Macau Center

Farrells won Wuhan Nande Macau Center competition. The project is located in the core area of Wuhan City, capital of Hubei province. Site is in Erqi CBD, adjacent to Toudao Street Mtro station. The building comprises one 230m high-rise tower and podium, it will be a part of new skyline of Yangzi River.
The tower draws inspiration from sail that is used to be a traditional power for water transportation in China, the dynamic shape outstands modern style, and moral of sail shape shows local river culture. Glass material is proposed on curtain wall, it makes the tower transparency and lightness. Top of tower will like a pharos nearby waterfront at night. Podium design considers its effects on metro station and neighbourhood community, creates doable shopfront.
Farrells has long-term practice in planning and high-rise design, we use our professional experience to create new landmark by Yangzi River, assist development of Yangzi River Economic Zone.