Farrells’ award-winning regeneration masterplan for Beijing Capital Steel, also known as Shougang Industrial Park, has brought home another esteemed accolade – the Gold Winner of the Urban Design and Architecture Design Awards! The Gold recognition is a testament to Farrells’ design excellence and strong leadership in the fields of urban regeneration and visionary placemaking. It has been an honour of Farrells to help shape the future of this meaningful Beijing neighbourhood, which holds a collective memory of its citizens. Today, we witness its transformation into a vibrant mixed-use district that serves as a cornerstone of West Beijing.

Capital Steel “Shougang” Industrial Park is located on the westward extension of Chang’an Avenue in Beijing, which connects a series of important spaces and historic buildings. The masterplan area of around 2.8 square kilometres includes a North District and a South District divided by Chang’an Avenue. The North District, with a total GFA of 1.25 million sq. m, will incorporate two TOD developments, and serve multiple functions such as office, public services, living, and retail, with its well-preserved historic buildings and new developments around them, showcasing Shougang’s industrial heritage and a forward-looking image.

The Farrells team collaborated closely with the client, local stakeholders, and partners to transform an old steel mill site. The project focused on heritage preservation, environmental remediation, infrastructure overhaul, and the development of carefully planned mixed-use spaces. The masterplan took a macro, urban-scale approach, taking into account the surrounding transport networks and public realm upgrades, and ensuring that the new Shougang would serve the community for generations to come. Our team conducted thorough research and consultation to respect the cultural and industrial past of the area while designing for progressive urban living.

The Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for Architecture & Design. It recognises outstanding ideas that redefine architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organisations along with studies on globalisation, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution.


Planning and Design: Farrells + BIAD

Farrells Chief Architects: Stefan Krummeck, Cedric Tang

Design Team: Min Chen, Fang Fang Gu, YinYing Yang, Yiheng Ye, Jiawei Ding, Yixuan Song, Jialin Tang, Xiaoyu Jiang, Siqi Huang, Shaokang Li, Louise Wong, Tolis Apostolidis, Franky Chan, Matthew Donkersley

BIAD Chief Architect: Chen Wu

Design Team: Changli Duan, Chao Song, Duo Zeng, Bin Wang, Xiaobin Liu, Mengran Wei, Lei Tong, Wenjun Lv, Hui Wu, Wengang Chen, Haijiao Yang


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