Bicester Eco Town

Farrells eco-development will be part of a long-lasting and holistic plan for the whole of Bicester Town. It will signpost a new sustainable future for the whole of Bicester, where the historic town centre once again becomes the focus of civic, cultural and economic life.

Our NW Bicester masterplan for a 6000 home mixed use development to meet
eco-town requirements, integrates an urban extension to the northwest of
Bicester with community supported phased implementation. The exemplar
has won awards for sustainable design including Bioregional One Planet
Living and Bicester is an NHS pilot project for Healthy New Towns.

Farrells design concepts reveal layers that go to make up this ‘place’ – the character of the natural landscape as well as the imprint of human activity. In order to allow the eco-development to evolve gradually and organically over time, we propose to use the farmsteads as the nuclei around which the new community is grown and thus build upon the existing settlement pattern. In this way, the new eco-development will be designed to create local employment, accommodate climate change, consciously contribute to ecological balance and enable and encourage more sustainable lifestyles. The first 500 homes have been completed.