China Zun

China Zun, formerly known as the Z15 Tower, became Beijing’s tallest building in 2016 while still under construction. Designed by Farrells for CITIC, this supertall skyscraper is elegantly curved, lending it a distinctive form while increasing stability and maximising the most desirable floor area at the top of the tower. The shape is inspired by ancient Chinese zun wine vessels, while the outward curve at the top of the tower brings to mind the kongming lanterns released at Chinese festivals.

The tower will form the focal point of Beijing’s new Chaoyang CBD, for which Farrells developed a masterplan alongside BIAD and Arup. The General Planner of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design praised the plan, stating: “Its greatest advantage is considering the overall urban spaces, architectural design and various engineering techniques in a unified manner to formulate a fully integrated urban design scheme.”