Cumbria Vision

Cumbria Vision is based on the development of a Green Corridor, with the consolidation and enhancement of sporting and leisure amenities, and improved connections across Whitehaven. The immediate priority is to set on identifying existing pockets of short term regeneration which Home Group see as an opportunity. These include sites that they currently own and run down/leftover sites that present clear potential.

The masterplan will look at upgrading Home Groups town centre flats and use the income generated to improve the appearance of town centre properties. Farrells are also evaluating opportunity areas in Mirehouse and a regeneration strategy for Corkickle, with plans to expand the station.

The vision for Cumbria includes repositioning the sports centre and proposing a long term landscape and sporting strategy, with connections to the coast to coast cycle route. Currently, Farrells and Home Group are assessing all the constraints associated with green areas that present a flood risk and gathering as much information as possible to determine their best use. The new green corridor will respect the significance of the Cumbria valley and its stunning views bringing the framework together holistically generating long-lasting benefits for the community.