Incheon Ground Transportation Centre

Seoul’s existing airport could no longer cope with a vast increase in demand, so a new one was created on an artificial platform formed between two islands. Able to cater for 50 million passengers a year, Incheon International Airport has one of the largest passenger terminals in the world and has been consistently voted one of the world’s best airports.

Part of that success comes from the ease of accessing the airport by public transport via the Ground Transportation Centre, designed in collaboration with DMJM and Samoo Architects. Beginning with the image of the stork, Korea’s symbolic bird, Farrells developed a sinuous, sculptural gateway to the airport. The jewel-like aerofoil, constructed from stainless steel panels and glass, hovers over the great hall but is in fact part of the ventilation system. The spacious, futuristic volumes provide visual clarity, making it easy for passengers to find their way around.