Punggol Station

Punggol Station forms the centre of Punggol 21, a high density new town in north-east Singapore comprising contemporary homes, waterfront shopping, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. It serves as the interchange point between the Punggol LRT, an automated light rail network; and the North East MRT Line, which travels directly to Downtown Singapore. The LRT acts as a feeder system, increasing the catchment area of the MRT stop. In addition to the MRT and LRT platforms, the station is designed to accommodate future interchange with a new metro line running along Singapore’s northern shore.

The station’s streamlined modern design is accented with curved aluminium and stainless-steel cladding, whilst the interior is finished in a clean, monochromatic palette. At 320 metres in length, this futuristic landmark is the longest station on the North East Line and one of only two above ground. The station is bisected by an arterial road, and reads as a monumental gateway to this new district of Singapore.