Shatin to Central Link

The Shatin to Central Link is the largest expansion of Hong Kong’s metro network in years. Set to open in two phases, in 2019 and 2021 respectively, the project will relieve congestion, provide a faster link between the New Territories and the urban core, and provide railway service to East Kowloon for the first time. With a total length of 17 km, the extension includes six new stations, a new rail crossing beneath Victoria Harbour, and significant modification of several existing MTR stops.

Farrells designed three of the new stations, namely: Exhibition Centre, To Kwa Wan, and Sung Wong Toi. In response to its congested urban location, To Kwa Wan Station utilises a space-saving stacked platform arrangement. Sung Wong Toi Station, serving the redeveloped Kai Tak Airport lands, was redesigned to accommodate ancient relics and structures, discovered during site excavation, which date from the Song and Yuan dynasties.

The new Wan Chai swimming pool and indoor games hall replace older facilities demolished to make way for Exhibition Centre Station. This complex reprovisioning arrangement is being carried out in several phases. The new pool opened in 2015 while the sports centre opens in 2017, at which point construction of Exhibition Centre Station will move into full swing.