Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters

Located in the southern coastal area of Shenzhen OCT, Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base is a core segment of the Tanglang Mountain- OCT- Shenzhen Bay urban functional space axis. It adjoins Shenzhen Bay on the south, overlooking Hong Kong across the sea, the inner lake wetland of OCT on the north, Sand River golf course on the west, and OCT Harbor on the east. Urban railway Line 2, 9 and 11 (airport express line) intersect here, making it an area with unique natural landscape, prominent urban gateway image and high value of integrated urban development in the future.

The proposal enhances an existing masterplan and considers the impact of emerging societal trends on the future of the ‘city’. The climate in Shenzhen can range significantly throughout the year with high heat, humidity and typhoons in the summers to much cooler winter periods typically with higher levels of pollution.

“A series of smart city strategies are proposed to regulate the climate as we believe pedestrian friendly environments that are comfortable and healthy are essential for future cities”

The modular canopy design integrates smart lighting, ventilation, rainwater collection and pollution mitigation strategies. The dynamic form also brings visual attraction to instill the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base with a strong, memorable identity.

The masterplan also incorporates campus type workspaces and “urban rooms” above the key nodes – social spaces which plug into the multi-level pedestrian networks, offering opportunities for people to meet, work and play.