Swiss Cottage

Our proposals for the redevelopment of the Swiss Cottage site aim to produce a ‘big idea’ to unify this fascinating and varied site into a landmark civic amenity. The scheme retains the grade II listed library but removes the existing leisure centre, replacing it with a mized use health and leisure facility. This accommodation sits beneath a unifying big roof which is located in a new landscaped open public park, linked to the new Hampstead Theatre. This public space is linked to all adjacent roads and amenities by pedestrian only routes allowing greater access and identity for the development.

Unlike the existing leisure centre the proposed development will be completely transparent. This will allow the swimming pools, state of the art gyms and sports halls to be visible from the exterior providing animated and vibrant views of the building during the day and night. This scheme is an innovative community based leisure complex providing genuine mixed use and shared amenities and will become a landmark in the immediate and local area.