Shougang Park

Shougang (literally capital steel), a Chinese state-owned steel company, is situated at the western extension of Chang’an Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Beijing. The steel mill located in this area was once one of the major pollution sources in Beijing. Its operations were moved out of the city before it hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, and the regeneration of this site started to take place afterwards. The masterplan covers an area of approximately 3.2 square kilometres, which includes a “North District” and a “South District” separated by the extension of Chang’an Avenue. The North District, with a total floor area of 1.25 million square meters, will feature TOD developments and offices, public services, residential, and retail spaces. In addition to its well-preserved historic buildings, there will be new developments around them. On the other hand, the development of the South District will be a long-term project.

Farrells has devised a renovation plan to preserve and enhance the unique spatial characteristics and identity of Shougang’s industrial heritage. Rather than resorting to large-scale demolition and construction, the plan seeks to blend the industrial features of the site with new functions to create a vibrant and cohesive atmosphere, forming a strong sense of place belonging and cultivating a new image of Shougang. The essence of the planning strategies is facilitating a dialogue between the old and new elements of the site while preserving as many heritage structures as possible. The regenerated Shougang Park is expected to serve various functions while showcasing Shougang’s industrial heritage, with a vision of becoming a sustainable community suitable for living, working, and leisure activities, adding commercial value to the neighbourhood and cultural value to the city.